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Game Journalism

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Lesson: Game Journalism


Reading & Playing Assignment



  • at least two entries/stories on 1up.com;
  • at least one article on GamesFirst.com;
  • at least one article on Gamespot.com;
  • and find one other example of game journalism on website or in a magazine. A mainstream, non-gaming venue would be best so you can see how game journalism varies based on the audience and context.



  • At least two game demos downloaded from a game journalism website.




Game journalism has changed a great deal over the years. Initially, much of game journalism was focused on the technology or on "how to" style writing and was relegated to specific publications like PC magazines and Nintendo Power. Game journalism evolved over the years with additional publication venues in magazines and games articles in mainstream publications.


Game journalism boomed around 2000 with the Internet and with increasing numbers of people having high speed Internet access. With these changes, online game journalism sites were able to include screenshots, videos of game play, downloadable demos, and massive amounts of information including game walkthroughs and guides with screenshots, like the printed game guides. With the emergence of blogs, many independent players became game journalists by writing about games on their personal blogs and on mass-game blog sites like 1up.com.


History of Nintendo Power and relation to game journalism

David Sheff


Types of Game Journalism


Explain types in detail and blurring of boundaries

for gamers

for non-gamers, often novelty

games as journalism with serious games

new games journalism "Bow.."


explain game marketing and how games are mailed out, with press releases, and with cheat codes


major game publications: game reviews and ads primarily: EGM, Computer Gaming World (now Games for Windows), Game Informer, Play, The Official PlayStation Magazine, Nintendo Power, online--websites and blogs, tv--in some shows randomly and on G4

some blending based on game culture: toy reviews, comic reviews, manga reviews, anime reviews, movie reviews, CD reviews, and so on, but all related to game culture.


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