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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 5 months ago

Online Game Studies Course Description


I'm working on an online games course. Given the interest in game studies and games in general, I'm trying to make the course useful for students in the humanities, education, and journalism type majors. I'm still in the early stages of developing this, so I'd really appreciate any comments or suggestions. This is also the first completely online course I've ever tried to develop, so suggestions on the new format are also appreciated.


Since this will be an online course, I also want to include required and recommended material for each course section. Suggestions for the games or readings would be greatly appreciated. I do plan on using Rules of Play as the main book (since it's available as an e-Book for free to UF students) and any required games need to be free or cheap and available online. My project list is also subject to change and it's at the bottom of the course outline. Please see the evolving project and post comments on Gameology so that anyone else making a course can also benefit.

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